My First Week @ Hacker You

** Thursday, July 4th

Ok… so I should probably be working on making an application to generate the famed lyrics of 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall through github but I think my mind is about to explode.

Today is the third day here at Shopify and I will definitely say I know more now than I did when I started, I am just waiting for my “Ah Ha” moment when it all makes sense. I’m sure it is on its way.

At first I felt like I really needed to have my hand held for fear of breaking something. Today was the first day that I was able to successfully trouble shoot all by my self. On the verge of calling for help during the “Ruby in 100 Minutes” tutorial, I figured things out.

**Picked up today, Friday July 5th @ 2:07 PM

Today we’ve worked in teams, Teacher + Student based on how strong we felt thus far with the content. I have been working with Ron and Jeff and they have brought me way more up to speed. I can actually see being able to do this by myself one day.

Onwards and upwards.

I was a little doubtful the first few days that I would really be able to build a working app by the end of the summer but I think that my knowledge is on track.

Tonight I’m heading out to dinner with a client from work who is the Administrator for a LTC/Hospital in Ottawa. He and I worked very closely while I was the implementation coordinator at MEDe-care to standardizing the installation process for the Diversicare chain along with translation of the French product. He has a huge following in the LTC industry in Ontario and I think he will be a great resource while I’m specing out my product requirements.

Because that is the step I’m at– I can see the programming knowledge falling into place but I don’t want to drive this car if I don’t have a map. From school, the most emphasized parts of the development process was always the design and analysis, steps which must occur before the actual coding. I would like to dedicate some time this weekend and next week to diagramming the program I would like to build so that I am very specific with my Classes>Attributes>Methods. I’m scared I will leave something out in the beginning and be screwed at the end so the drawings are my only way around it.

Another benefit of my diagraming will be for me to really see this project from start- to finish through the whole design process.


I can’t wait to see how it all turns out

See below for my fancy diagram of the processes….

ITM 305 Homework 1

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