Week 5 @ HackerYou

So I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blogging since the beginning of the summer but I’m going to try and change that, starting today. I took the train back from Toronto this morning (6:30am!) and I am struggling to get back in the mindset of coding. For the last month, my Accounting and Finance exams were always sitting at the back of my mind, even if I wasn’t fully studying. Today starts my month of code devotion. Devotion because I want to eat, sleep and breathe code for the next few weeks to that it seeps into my mind.

Challenges to code devotion

1. Frustration– It is hard to be  fully satisfied if there is no struggle but too much struggle can be a major hindrance to my personal growth. When I feel like I’m drowning under my load of work or learning new concepts, I will take a deep breath, walk 5 steps away from my computer, get a drink, then come back.

2. Pressure– I hate to sound like I’ve got a defeatist’s attitude but I’m not fully satisfied that I have accomplished anything with my little life so far. Yes, I’ve had jobs and I have felt fulfilled but I have never really created anything from start to finish. I need to keep the end goal in sight but not kill myself with expectations.

3. Partying– It is pretty tempting to be in a new city with all new people and stop myself from going out all the time. That being said, I’m not really here to meet people, that is just a happy accident. But if the people I am meeting here are not in the same mind frame, I’m going to have to sick it up and be a granny. Early to bed, early to rise.

4. Foggy End-goal–I want to finish something. Get on making your plans now

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